Top 10 Wildfire Season Preparation Activities:


1.)  Remove dry materials within 5 feet of your home and under decks, porches, sheds, and play structures.

2.)  Remove leaves and needles from roofs and gutters.

3.)  Sweep porches and decks clear of any burnable plant material.

4.)  Move firewood at least 30 feet from your home.

5.)  Transfer items under decks or porches to a storage area.

6.)  Cover exposed eave or attic vents with metal mesh screening.

7.)  Ensure home address signs are clearly visible from the street.

8.)  Visit to register for emergency notifications.

9.)  Confirm at least one alternate path out of your neighborhood.

10.)  Create an inventory of valuables in your home, including written summaries, photos, and video.



What Is Defensible Space?


A defensible space is a natural and/or landscaped area around a structure that has been maintained and designed to reduce fire danger.