Homeowner Associations in our area are key to the success of the second home and vacation market. Without these volunteer-led and professionally managed associations, we would not be able to cater to the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.  Please take a moment to learn some key pieces of Homeowner Associations aka “HOA’s”

Property Management--There is the HOA, and then there is the Property Manager that the volunteer board hires to manage the Association finances and buildings, and then there is a Property Manager that you can hire to manage your own unit. 

No Dogs Allowed--Is Fido important to you? Many condo Associations DO NOT ALLOW dogs or pets of any kind.  Why? Irresponsible owners in the past who would not pick up after their pets, and/or they would leave them behind in the condo all day to bark, while the owners are out skiing.  Rest assured, if your pets are like mine, a part of the family, we can specialize your search for pet-friendly condos.

Right of First Refusal--In some instances, the Homeowner Association has established a rule that if an offer is placed on a unit within the complex, the other current owners in the complex have the right to meet or exceed the offer and buy the property.  This is a date/deadline in the contract dictated by the HOA and can be anywhere from 7 days up to sometimes 21 days or more that the other owners in the complex have to give notice that they’d like to put an offer on the property.  We can discuss this in further detail if it arises, as it will change our dates and deadline considerations.

Transfer Taxes & Private Resort Transfer Fees--The Towns of Frisco, Breckenridge, and Blue River each have transfer taxes that apply to all real property sales in their jurisdictions. There are also some HOAs that have a private transfer fee related to the sale of the properties.  These can be negotiated at the time of the contract.