Buying a Home

Interested in buying a home? More than likely you have discovered our team through our books, websites, social media, open houses, signs, trusted advisor, friend, relative, or any number of places during your discovery phase. Maybe you have been ‘kicking the tires’ for a few years and still need more information.  You’ve listened to radio shows, podcasts, watched TV shows or online videos, or searched online via large national sites, and more.

You are thinking of discovering, buying, weighing your options, gathering information, and ‘kicking the tires’.  You are researching all that you can, and perhaps talking about it with a few people.  Perhaps you’ve been in the area, driving around or even staying in a unit that is for sale.  You have been ‘window shopping’ on main street, dreaming of the possibilities.  We can answer any questions you have at this time about buying a home, knowing that you may or may not decide to buy. Stay tuned for Step 2 in the Home Buying Process!